Jan 31, 2008

UMPRO Officially closed!!!

Posted by KAOS:
Hello again guys.. i know most of u already know that day by day this server is dying.. (less ppl online) so i decided to close this server forever and there will no more UMPRO in UMP.. (ver 1.0 successfully brought by GM-HideAki and GM-Caer, while ver 2.0 successfully destroyed by ME (GM-Savior), GM-GeNo, and GM-Mustang, plus GM-arePiN).

all the server related files. from backup, ver1.0, ver1.5, testing, latest svn, patch release, npc ARE DELETED, (i've estimated around 10.0 gb of these files) so im sorry, this is really THE END of UMPRO. The npc,characters are all dead with no backup anymore. Well dont be sad (eventhough i think most of you are happy with this).

my last word is.. after spending all these times with umpro players. i can conclude one thing for you guys.

i've been playing Ragnarok Online for almost 5 years now, and i EARN alot in MRO more than u guys can imagine (thousands of RM... come to my room and i'll show u my transaction receipt i've kept it all) and i got most of experience in handling characters in pvp and woe, so what i wanted to conclude to you guys is..

YOU GUYS ****S.. you got no skills in pvp, no skills in woe, and not even skills in killing MVP or monsters. seriously i could say if you move to official servers such as Malaysia RO (MRO), or Korean RO (KRO), u will get pawned in just 0.001 seconds. Every time when someone is stronger than u , u just keep on whinning and say "ala dia gm ada barang best, stat dia tipu la, brg dia tipu la and so on".. the point of creating RO private server in UMP is not just for fun or for newbies to start a new lifestyle. Its for ppl that played RO official before and cannot play it in here. so this is the server that they could test new stats, new items, new cards, new equips, new things and so on.

yes, i know everyone prefer high rate server rather than low rate server that need more skills and patience in it. with overstats (stat 140,180,255 bla2) u can easily survive and kill any mvp in few seconds, sure it will be fun? rofl?. anyway keep it up, good luck in whatever u guys doing, and have fun in real life.

i think thats all i wanted to say.. i know most of you guys will shoot back my word here.. so do not worry, im actually kinda busy person so i will not entertain u guys here.. if u think my word is a direct insult to you, pls stand forward to msg me directly at my skype (tidusffx_06) or sms me (017-9606596) or come straightly to my room (c10-205) we can settle it nice and easy Smiley

==============My own comments towards UMPRO players============

1) Farmer a.k.a Sukumin
u're stalker really strong, int 99 dex 99 is it?.. where the **** u get this stat?.. this is the most noob stat i know.. Yes, stalker DO play storm gust.. but not for killing but just for frozen ppl.. dex 99 vit 99 is the right stat.. and your GTB is for fun?... u're the only 1 ppl in my server got gtb.. and for my experience, stalker with GTB can successfully ECALL in side emperium room in a split of seconds with combination of speedpot and skills.. haiz... sad.. i thought at least u can improve a bit..but nvm.. keep it up!

2) Godlike
i dont know why u guys think LK is the most powerfull emperium breaker in ro.. but nvm.. ur lk sure tough enough to break my guild defense, good for you.. but with professor dispell, u're LK team are nothing.. anyway tq, u sure improve alot from time to time

3) Blur
Huh?.... ppl play high priest for war, u also play high priest for war?... but sadly u cant event safetywall emperium 2x2 cells perfectly and sanctuary when sinx hitting emp?.. really funny.. just..keep it up Smiley

4) Yuna
this gurl really improve alot....she farm 200-300 OCA's per day and get alot good cards from it.. thats y her wiz really strong one.. even sometimes me myself having hard time to kill her in pvp.. good job..

5) NEO a.k.a Mcnor
this guy no need to say... really pro 1... we've been playing mro for many years.. and he's my real life frenz from MRO official server, at mro we used to fight each other in different guild. but in UMPRO we stand side by side in 1 guild, really glad u came over to give a hand for my guild, thx mate!

6) Mustang
good , improve alot

7) GeNo
nice asura on last woe.. keep it up!

Cool S Y N E S T E R
improve alot!.. especially on BM Mode

9) Azargoz
nice tanker, ur paladin rocks with tao gunka

10) Regex , Blask , sp!!
Nice sinx build, very powerfull sonic blow and fast learner especially in changing eq, but sadly Regex got caught cheating with 9 phreeoni cards, 2 doppelgangers, 1 gtb and 1 samurai

11) Chemsyt, Mui mui
thx 4 playing, eventhough u dont do much in my server but u always online at least bring somethings up at prontera.. TQ!

12) Hi-6
new comer but fast learner, good amateur wizard!

13) Kael
nice tanker, and cute priest

14) amTHEsmith
fast learner, must check ro-guide alot

15) Putih
fast learner, and good leader

16) Sir White
seriously players from official ro are much much better and good character handling comparing to newbies who starts playing ro here.. u're SINX rox and very hard to kill.. good stats and correct eq!!

and there are many more players that i surely cannot list out everyone... i would like to say THANK YOU for spending your time playing my server, i really appreciate it especially the WOE time (estimated max players 66 ppl with 330 registered characters and 140 registered accounts).. thank you.. have a nice day and good luck in your life Wink

- GM-Savior , KAOS, ~*Dev|L*~
most LanC gm in umpro, most LanC player in umpro

Komen ku: sedih gak sbb jd perintis kpd server ni T_T. btw xpe la gak dpt conduct server yg menarik plus ngna player² yg macam².


  1. 1st to comment...

    mula ak bc entry ni cm sdkt kagum "oww member ak skrg dh fluent in english" then ble baca smpi abis br la aku tau yg ko copy je..

    ko still RO player lagi ker? server mana ko main?

  2. hehe. tu la. tu server conduct sendri. aku ngan shahir dak aras ko time kat matrix penang. bleh tahan player ade 60+.



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