Jun 18, 2008

Assignment untuk hari ni (Selepas 6bulan kuar u)

What are differences between window and linux operating systems?
Compare both of the operating system in terms of desktop environment, accessibility, and usability, stability and performance, security and ability of gaming technology.
In your opinion which one is the best operating system can be implemented for university level or do we need an interoperability for both of the operating system?
Discuss further.
(50 Marks)

1 comment:

  1. chii said:
    Chi: compatibility..
    Chi: sharing configuration..
    Chi: usability fr newbies..
    Chi: desktop envi - both is usable.. but linux is rarely used fr student.. cmon la.. dak2 ni pe2 pun windows je..
    Chi: stability n performance - linux probably can do better..
    Chi: gaming tech.. hmm.. ni kene wiki daa..
    Chi: need interoperability.. including unix
    Chi: tp dr segi nk sharing sume..
    Chi: lunix susah la..
    Chi: rumit nk set..



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